An ethical group

The Lindera group has been part of a global initiative to promote sustainable development for over 10 years. It’s a commitment made every day by all of our teams, which earn us EcoVadis Silver certification.

In order to affirm our commitments and our values, and to ensure a culture of compliance, the Lindera group has a number of charters common to all the entities of which it is composed. These are our guiding principles for actions and behaviours to be respected with regard to customers and all stakeholders.

Limiting environmental impact

Every day, the Lindera group works to limit the environmental impact of its business, and helps its customers benefit from the solutions it has put in place.

We are members of the VALDELIA ecological organisation which collects and recycles our customers’ old business furniture and fittings as well as some of our own waste.

Furthermore, according to its type waste materials from each of our production and construction sites are processed and recycled by specialists.

Building a better society

Every day, the Lindera group is committed to supporting worthy causes.

For several years we have been supporting the children’s heart surgery charity Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfant du Monde. The charity helps children from deprived countries suffering from heart malformations by bringing them to France for surgery.

The Group also works with a range of foundations to provide occupational opportunities for disabled workers, and with the charity Moulin du Soleil, our partner for grounds maintenance and gardening services.

Ensuring our employees’ well-being

The Lindera group is a good place to work. Our employees have a high degree of autonomy and a strong sense of work ethic thanks to our participative management style. A welcoming working environment, sharing moments together, work-from-home: we’ve done everything to ensure well-being and work-life balance for our employees.

The Group has also invested in training future generations of joiners, cabinet makers, and locksmiths by giving them the skills and values that make these trades the epitome of craftsmanship.

Reducing the impacts from work sites

The Lindera group is also committed to low-impact work sites. In addition to waste sorting and recycling, we aim to reduce the impact on local residents (noise, dust, etc.), to limit the risk of water and soil pollution, and ensure the safety of the site and the surrounding area.

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